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"There's magick in believing..."

Dreams and Faith

Dreams and Faith

Very belated birthdays...

Posted by ShadowDarkFyre Erebus Olorin Arthur Pendragon Daeron on 10 February, 2015 at 17:25

Fellow Domani,

I apologize for the lateness of these announcements for January and February... Things have been rather hectic of late, and I'm not usually this tardy... Thank you for your patience and understanding...

Belated birthdays for the month of January:...

Taboo, citizen of the Realm of the Dells, celebrated her 43rd birthday on the 7th...

Serah Rose, citizen of the Realm of Snowdonia, celebrated her 24th birthday on the 12th...

Lord Sir Wyrd Kaos ap Nine Death Storms (,Ruler of the Realm of Sil Magra, celebrated his 40th birthday on the 13th...

Lord Sir Bear ap DarkFyre: Ruler of the Realm of ArkenStone, and Queen Dame Icinia Wolfcaller ni DarkFyre: Imperial Seer and Ruler of the Realm of Aleutia, celebrated their 37th and 52nd birthdays respectively on the 14th...

Cyrik Cian McClay, citizen of the Realm of the Dells, celebrated his 45th birthday on the 22nd...

Squire White Falcon, citizen of the Realm of the Dells, celebrated his 38th birthday on the 28th...

Enchantress Joy Pegasus Faery Morgana, citizen of the Realm of ArkenStone, celebrated her 52nd birthday on the 29th...

Birthdays - belated and to come - for the month of February:...

Enola Sage: citizen of the Realm of Lumina, and Carrie: citizen of the Realm of Orinoco, celebrated their 47th and 41st birthdays respectively on the 8th...

Unicorn White Wolf, citizen of the Realm of Snowdonia, celebrated her 43rd birthday on the 9th...

Sir Troubadour, Dreaming Knight of the Realm of the Dells, celebrates his 33rd birthday today...

AmberLeighDarkFyre, citizen of the Realm of Sil Magra, will celebrate her 46th birthday on the 11th...

Linden Ra Bast, citizen of the Realm of the Dells, will celebrate her 34th birthday on the 25th...

Cometesse Dame Faelyn Fortuna Du Anu ni Nekhem Iunen Sekhmet, Ruler of the Realm of Plainitia, will celebrate her 53rd birthday on the 21st...

and Neonee EarthWarden, citizen of the Realm of Aquaterra, will celebrate his 40th birthday on the 23rd...

Belated and otherwise, ahappy birthday to you all... Good Dreaming to you and Blessed Be... Dream Well...

-Lord Shadow

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