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The Domain and Realms National Site

"There's magick in believing..."

Dreams and Faith

Dreams and Faith

July/August Birthdays

Posted by ShadowDarkFyre Erebus Olorin Arthur Pendragon Daeron on 8 August, 2015 at 11:15

Fellow Domani,

       Here are the birthdays for July and August of 2015... all apologies for the tardiness...

       For the month of July:...

       Lexia Clearwater, citizen of the Realm of the Dells and Master Herbalist of the Domani Healers Hall, celebrated her 44th birthday on the 6th...

       Anthony Smith, citizen ofthe realm of the Dells, celebrated his 10th birthday on the 7th...

       Snowaidene the Snow Queen, High Queen of the Domain and Realms and Ruler of the Realm of Snowdonia, celebrated her 60th birthday on the 9th...

       The Winter Wolf, citizen of the Realm of the Dreamtime, celebrated his 23rd birthday on the 10th...

       Moon Lightning, citizen of the Realm of Sil Magra, celebrated his 10th birthday on the 22nd...

       For the month of August:...

       Lady Dame Mala Moragain the White Lady ni Avalon, ruler of the Realm of Saint Lawrence, celebrated her 40th birthday on the 3rd...

       Izabella, citizen of the Realm of Belle Terres, celebrated her 42nd birthday on the 5th...

       Twilight R. Clearwater, citizen of the Realm of  the Dells, celebrated her 20th birthday today...

       Crone, citizen of the Realm of Belle Terres, will celebrate her 61st birthday tomorrow on the 9th...

       Lady Dame Tivona ni Avani-Prajapala, ruler of the Realm of Belle Terres, will celebrate her 44th birthday on the 10th...

       Lady Dame Dena ni Nine Death Storms, ruler of the Realm of Astoria, will celebrate her 56th birthday on the 19th...

       Lady Dame Atara Eve DarkFyre ni Nine Death Storms, provinicial ruler of Spirit's Whisper, Sil Magra, will celebrate her 41st birthday on the 21st...

       Lady Dame Xanthi Senara the Silent ni VoceDeConscienza, Imperial Truthspeaker of the Domain and Ruler of the Realm of the Dells, will celebrate her 44th birthday on the 27th...

       Raven Icon Fire Star, citizen of the Realm of the Dells, will celebrate her 32nd birthday on the 30th...

       Dame Aradiana Sheehan, Knight-Commander of the Domain and Realms, and citizen of the Realm of Sil Magra, will celebrate her 51st birthday on the 31st...

       Happy birthday, belated, on time, and to come, to all of you... Good Dreaming to you, and Blessed Be...

                     -Lord Shadow

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