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"There's magick in believing..."

Dreams and Faith

Dreams and Faith

Belated Wedding Announcement

Posted by ShadowDarkFyre Erebus Olorin Arthur Pendragon Daeron on 8 August, 2015 at 11:50

Fellow Domani and Readers,

       As we all know in the past couple months, the United States Supreme Court ruled that same sex marriage is legal in the United States of America: a victory in the fight for equal rights for all that was, light all other victories before it, a long time coming...

       One of our own celebrated that victory by getting married...

        Lady Dame Dena ni Nine Death Storms, Ruler of the Realm of Astoria, married her partner, Gail, on the evening of July 8th, 2015, in Washington State... She and Gail had been together for a giood number of years, and love each other more than can be said... And while they, no anyone else for that matter, needs a proclamation, law, or piece of paper to have that love, it is good that finally steps forward can be taken to where theirs, and those of others in the gay community, will no longer be seen as invalid...

       On a personal note, Lady Dena has been my sister for a good many years now... And I love her and Gail very much... They have all my love and all my hopes...

       Again, congratulations to Lady Dena and her new wife, Gail... God Dreaming to them, and to all of you...

       Blessed Be...

                     -Lord Shadow

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