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Domani Glossary


Names and Common Terms

Wondering what certain Domani terms mean? Read below to find out.

Adamantia Bay, The - The Chesapeake Bay. Named for the First Ruler of the Realm of Adamantia Bay Ring: Lady Dame Pacifica Danielle Adamantia Starhawk Darkfyre the Shieldmaiden. Namesake for the Realm of Adamantia Bay Ring

Adamantia Bay Ring – The Twenty-Fifth Realm of the Domain: comprised of the American States of Pennsylvania, Maryland, ad Delaware; and the District of Columbia. Named for the eponymous Adamantia Bay, around which the lands of the Realm are set.

Aleutia – The Twenty-Fourth Realm of the Domain: comprised of the American State of Alaska. Named for the Aleutian Island chain, and the people they are named for. Known as the Realm that Waits: for while it is a Founded Realm, it was left unfinished by it’s First Ruler.

Aquaterra – The Thirteenth Realm of the Domain: comprised solely of the Lower Peninsula of the American State of Michigan. Once named Underbridge (in reference to it’s location on the Southern end of the Mackinac Bridge), its name comes from its lands being surrounded on three sides by three of the Inland Seas: Senara’s Cradle, the Sea of Storms, and the Shallow Sea.

Arad Doman, The – The governing High Laws of the Domain: penned by ur-Lord ShadowDarkFyre during the Domain’s founding in 2001, and during the first decade of the nation. A living document, the Arad Doman grows as the Domain grows: holding within it the basic rights protected for all Domani citizenry, and operations by which the Domain functions and is guided. The name is borrowed from a landmass in the "Wheel of Time" series by Robert Jordan, and repurposed. In  Domani jargon, it means "Law of the Domain" or "Law of the Domani". (arad - "law", Doman - "of the Domain")

ArkenStone – The Eleventh Realm of the Domain: comprised of the American States of Arkansas, Missouri, and Oklahoma. Named in part for the fictional Arkenstone from J.R.R. Tolkien’s “The Hobbit”; and in conjunction with that as a play on the name Arkansas, and the rich geological nature of the entire Realm. It’s current Royal Court is Caer Aurora.

Astoria – The Seventeenth Realm of the Domain: comprised of the American States of Washington and Oregon. Named for the city of Astoria, Oregon: the oldest city and settlement on the West Coast, itself named for John Jacob Astor. The name Astor being Germanic for "hawk", i.e. "Land of the Hawk". It’s current Royal Court is Caer Orchard.

Belle Terres – The Nineteenth Realm of the Domain: comprised of the American States of Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, and Georgia. Formerly known as Southron, it was part of the Reconstruction after the Troubles of 2004-05. It’s name is French for “Beautiful Lands”.

Black Hills, The – The fourth Realm of the Domain: comprised of the American States of North Dakota and South Dakota. Named for the sacred Black Hills mountain range of South Dakota and Wyoming: the axis mundi of the Lakota Sioux.

Caer – A city. Must have a population of 10,000 or more. Also, if a shire is chosen to be a Realm’s Royal Court, it automatically becomes and remains a caer. (From Old Welsh cair or kair, “stronghold”, “fortress”, or “citadel”)

Cascade – The Sixteenth Realm of the Domain: comprised of the American States of Vermont, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Rhode Island, New York, and New Jersey. Named for the “cascade” of the Tir na nÓg Range through its lands.

Celtica – The Eighteenth Realm of the Domain: comprised of the nations of Scotland, Northern Ireland, Ireland, the Isle of Man, the Spanish autonomous communities of Galicia, Asturias, and Cantabria; and the Portuguese region of Minho. Named for the four of the Seven Celtic Nations that comprise the Realm. The current Royal Court is Caer Ceann Loch Chille Chiarain.

Cibola – The Twentieth Realm of the Domain: comprised of the American States of Nevada, Arizona, and New Mexico. Named for the legend of the Seven Cities of Cibola: which were said to be located within the lands of the Realm. It’s current Royal Court is Caer Dragonmount.

Commoner – A member of one of the two caste system of Domani citizenry (the other being the Nobility). Commoners are simply the regular citizens of the Domain: without the responsibility carried and shouldered by the Nobility. Unlike some monarchial micro and macro nations: especially in world history, the Commoner caste is not held as a person’s mark of worth or status. Any Commoner can be raised to either Knighthood, Nobility, or both. Like the Nobility, the Commoner citizenry has provisions set down in the Arad Doman for the formation of Commoner Houses, of which there are currently none.

Counties - Divisions of Duchies. Divided into Principalities. Presided over by Counts and/or Countesses.

County Seat - Capital of a County.

Dells, The – The Seventh Realm of the Domain: comprised of the American States of Minnesota and Wisconsin. Named for the Dells of the Wisconsin River, in the Southcentral area of the state of Wisconsin: which was formed by a primordial snake according to local Native legend. A saying goes, “As goes the Dells, so goes the Domain.” It’s current Royal Court is Caer Portshire: which doubles as the High Court-in-Transit for the Imperium.

Ducal Seat - Capital of a Duchy

Duchies - Divisions of Provinces. Divided into Counties. Presided over by Dukes and/or Duchesses.

Dreamtime, The – The Ninth Realm of the Domain: comprised of the nations of Australia, New Zealand, Tuvalu, the Solomon Islands, the Federated States of Micronesia, Vanuatu, Fiji, Tonga, Wallis and Futuna, Palau, and Nauru. Named for the Australian Aboriginal dreamtime: the heart of which is said to be held within the shared gigantic underground core of Uluru and Kata Tjuta. It’s current Royal Court is Caer Crow.

EternalBeauty – One of the remaining two Unfounded Realms of the Domain: comprised of the Canadian Provinces and Territories of Yukon, Northwest Territories, Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta, and British Columbia. It’s name comes from a conversation ur-Lord ShadowDarkFyre had with a friend who lived in the area. When asked to describe the lands, she said they were “eternally beautiful”: hence the name.

FairyStone – Second of the three Founding Realms of the Domain: comprised of the American States of Virginia and West Virginia. Named for Fairystone State Park in Southern Virginia, and the staurolites found therein. It’s current Royal Court is Caer Golden River.

First Ruler – The first ever ruler of a Realm, Province, Duchy County, or Principality. First Rulers Found a division of the Domain by naming it, developing its flag, determining its divisions, etc.

Forest of Eternal Moon, The – The Domani name for the Ottawa National Forest: located in the Western Half of the Realm of Snowdonia (The U.P.). Now known as a political magickal entity allied with the Domain, ruled by the Ruling Trees Prince Faramir and Princess Eowyn. Entered into the Domani Commonwealth as a Protectorate nation.

Founded Realm – A Realm that has had its First Ruler. A Founded Realm is usually set in order by its First Ruler or any succeeding Ruler (naming, symbologies, divisions, etc.). To date, all but two Realms are Founded.

Great Divide, The – The Rocky Mountains. Named for more than a century as it divides the North American continent into East and West.

GreyHaven – One of the remaining two Unfounded Realms of the Domain: comprised solely of the American State of Maine. It is named for the city of Mithlond in the Tolkien legendarium, which means “Grey Haven” in Elvish.

House – One of the familial organizations within the Domain that organize the Commoner and Noble castes of Domani citizenry. Provisions are set down within the High Laws for the existence of nine Noble Houses and twelve Commoner Houses. Each House is to have a purpose that is beneficial to the Domain, its citizens, the wider magickal community, and the world as a whole. A House is headed by a Patriarch, Matriarch, or both. Seen as the bodies that help guide the functions of both Noble duty and Commoner life in the Domain, especially in cases of community and economy.

High Court – capital city of the Domain; i.e., Caer RivenMyst (Dublin, Ireland)

Imperial Council, The – The ruling council of the Domain and Realms: comprised of the ur-Lord, the High Queen, the Knight-Commander, the Imperial Truthspeaker, and the Imperial Seer. The latter three are considered technically second in rank to the ur-Lord and High Queen. Administrates to the Domain when needed in matters that take more than the ur-Lord and High Queen to deal with. It also presides over the Houses of the Parliament of Dreams.

Imperial District – district from which the Domain is administered; i.e., Fantasia, I.D. (Counties Dublin, Meath, and Louth, Ireland)

Imperium, The – The chief executive and administrative level of the Domani Nobility: occupied by the ur-Lord and/or the High Queen of the Domain. Determined by the House(s) of the ur-Lord and/or High Queen. Currently the DarkFyre-VoceDeConscienza Imperium: presided over by ShadowDarkFyre Erebus Olorin Arthur Pendragon Daeron the LordVengeance (ur-Lord) and Xanthi Senara Guenivere Pendragon LachlanMor DarkFyre the Silent ni VoceDeConscienza (High Queen).

Inland Seas, The – The North American Great Lakes. Named for the rather strong purview that the Great Lakes are misnamed due to their freshwater status, and that their size and attitudes state otherwise.

Islands of the Moon, The – The 59 islands of Nipigon Bay, in the North side of the Sea of Clouds. Named for the micronation of Nirivia, which claims the full moon as one of the symbols for their representation, and also in reference to the song, “Orinoco Flow”, by Enya. Part of the Realm of Saint Lawrence.

Ithil’Nole Loomi’Dae – The Twenty-Third Realm of the Domain: comprised of the American States of Montana, Wyoming, and Colorado. Formerly known as Eastern Divisia: for where it sits on the Eastern slopes of the Great Divide. Twin Realm to Western Divisia. It’s name means “Moon Lore Cloud Shadow”, for the wealth of stories and lore held within the lands themselves. Known colloquially as the Itlil’Nole, the Lands of Moonlit Lore, and the Lands of Lore under the Moon.

Knight – A member of the defensive, offensive, and policing body of the Domain. The function of a Domani Knight – while generally defensive across the board – is determined by which of the seven Knightly Orders they are a part of: Argent, Dreaming, Raven, Twilight’s Hammer, White Wolf, Shining Path, and Brisingr. Each order is headed by an Order-General, and all are presided over by the Knight-Commander. Any Commoner citizen of the Domain can be raised to Knighthood.

LoneStar – The Fourteenth Realm of the Domain: comprised solely of the American State of Texas. It’s name is taken from the official nickname of Texas: the LoneStar State.

Lumina – The Eighth Realm of the Domain: comprised of the American States of North Carolina and South Carolina. Formerly known as Roanoke: for the Lost Colony, it is named for the Moon at its most luminous. It’s current Royal Court is Caer Rose Sidhe.

Noble – One of the ruling governmental body of the Domain. One of the two castes of Domani citizenry (the other being the Commoner caste). A Noble is essentially a ruler of one of the Twenty-Seven Realms and their respective Provinces, Duchies, Counties, and Principalities. The Nobility are organized by the Noble House each is a part of: provisions for which are set down in the Arad Doman. The position of Nobility is seen as a job, duty, and responsibility to the Domain and its people: much unlike the system of privilege and peerage that the term is known to be in other monarchial micro and macro nations. Any Commoner can be raised to Nobility. As of 2010, all Nobles are required by law to also be Raised to Knighthood, due to the Yellow Alert being raised over the nation is preparation of war and conflict.

Ocean of Peace, theThe Pacific Ocean. Named in reference to its name. from the name given it by Ferdinand Magellan: Mer Pacifico (“peaceful sea” in both Spanish and Portuguese) . Shared by the Realms of Pacifica, the Dreamtime, Astoria, Aleutia, and the Unfounded Realm of EternalBeauty.

Ocean of Storms, TheThe Atlantic Ocean. Named for its primarily stormy and chaotic nature, particularly during hurricane season. Shared by the Realms of FairyStone, Cascade, Adamantia Bay Ring, Saint Lawrence, Lumina, Orinoco, Celtica, Remal, and the Unfounded Realm of GreyHaven.

Old Man River, TheThe Mississippi River. Named as it has been for more than a century in reference to the personified spirit of the River itself. Connects the Realms of the Dells, Plainitia, ArkenStone, Sil Magra, and Belle Terres, before emptying into the Gulf of Tempests

Orinoco – The Tenth Realm of the Domain, and the Second to be Reconstituted after the Troubles of 2004. Comprised of the American State of Florida, the island of Bermuda, and the island nations of the Caribbean. Named for the song, “Orinoco Flow” by Enya: itself named for the Orinoco River of Venezuela and Columbia. The name is from the native Warao term for "A place to paddle", i.e., a navigable place.

Pacifica - The Fifth Realm of the Domain: comprised of the American States of California and Hawaii, all United States and Great Britain Island territories, and the nations of Kiribati, Samoa, and Tonga. Named for the Pacific Ocean, within and upon which it sits.

Parliament of Dreams, The – The main body of governance for the Domain, comparable to the Parliament of Great Britain or the Congress of the United States. Convenes in month-long sessions once a season to determine policy, laws, and action for the Domain as a whole. Members of the Parliament are comprised of the Imperial Council, Realm Rulers, Noble and Commoner House leaders, and the Order-Generals of the seven Knightly Orders. Is split into four Houses: the Council of Realms, the Convocation of Houses, the Round of Orders, and the Constellation.

Plainitia – The Twelfth Realm of the Domain: comprised of the American States of Indiana, Illinois, Iowa, Nebraska, and Kansas. Named for the Realm's location within the Great Plains of North America. It’s current Royal Court is Caer KnocEhtelë.

Principal Seat - Capital city of a Principality.

Principality - A disivion of a County. The smallest division of area in the Domain. Presided over by Principals.

Provinces – Divisions of a Realm. Divided into Duchies. Presided over by Lords and/or Ladies.

Provincial Seat – Capital city of a Province.

Range of the Ancients, the; Ancient Range, the – The Ozark and Ouachita Mountains: named so for their status as among the oldest, if not the oldest, mountains on the North American Continent. Located almost completely within the Realm of ArkenStone.

Realm – One of the twenty-seven divisions of the Domain and Realms: comprised of any number of states, provinces and/or countries that comprise the Domain’s area. Is divided into Provinces. Presided over by Realm Rulers.

Realm Ruler – A Noble that rules over one of the Twenty-Seven Realms of the Domain. Second in rank to the Imperial Council. A Realm Ruler can claim whatever descriptive title they choose for their office: whether King/Queen, Emperor/Empress, Lord/Lady, Landgrave/Landgravine, etc. The common and almost traditional stance taken by Realm Rulers is to claim the title of Lord/Lady, not to be confused with the Lords/Ladies of Provinces.

Reconstruction, The - The project occuring one year after the Troubles of 2004-2005, in which the Realms of Southron and Orinoco were re-Founded, due to legal threats by their former Rulers over uses of shared developed symbology. Was done as to erase all influence of those rulers from the two Realms. Flags were redone, Provinces redrawn, and names changed. Southron became Belle Terres, while Orinoco retained its name.

Remal – The Fifteenth Realm of the Domain: comprised of the countries of England, Wales, the Netherlands, and the French administrative districts of Bretagne and Pays de la Loire. Formerly known as Britannia: one of the ancient names of England, it’s name is thought to be a restructuring of the word “Realm”.

Royal Court – Capital city of a Realm.

Royal District – District from which a Realm is administered. Can be made up of up to three American counties, or comparable districts in other countries that comprise the Domain.

Saint Lawrence – The Twenty-Second Realm of the Domain: comprised of the Canadian Provinces and Territories of Nunavut, Victoria Island, Ontario, Quebec, Newfoundland and Labrador, Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island, New Brunswick, and the French collectivity of St. Pierre and Miquelon. Named for the St. Lawrence River, which forms part of its Southern border.

Sea of Clouds, TheLake Superior; named for its tendency to fog, mists, and storms. Home of the Old One: de facto guardian spirit/deity of the sea, and being to who the spirits/deities of the other four Inland Seas defer to. Was once, along with Lake Nipigon to the North, a shield volcano. Referred to as “Gitchee Gumee” and the “deep Sea of Clouds” (in reference to the song, “Orinoco Flow” by Enya). Shared by the Realms of Snowdonia, the Dells, and Saint Lawrence.

Sea of Serenity, TheLake Ontario. Named for its tendency to escape the majority of bad weather during Autumn and Winter months that mark the Inland Seas area. Also known as the Peaceful Sea or the Sea of Peace. According to Seneca stories and legends, the great serpent Gaasyendietha dwells within and presides over the sea itself. Shared by the Realms of Cascade and Saint Lawrence.

Sea of Storms, TheLake Huron; named for its similarity of the Sea of Clouds in terms of temperament. It’s guiding spirit/deity is said to dwell in or around the sea’s largest island: Manitoulin. Shared by the Realms of Snowdonia, Aquaterra, and Saint Lawrence.

Senara’s CradleLake Michigan; named for Xanthi Senara Guenivere Pendragon LachlanMor DarkFyre ni VoceDeConscienza: 2nd High Queen of the Domain and Realms, in reference of her being born and raised on the shores of that sea. Formerly called the Coral Sea, for the color it sometimes takes at sunrise and sunsets on the shore in warm months. Home of sea dragons that guard its waters and serve as the guiding spirits/deities of the sea. Shared by the Realms of Snowdonia, the Dells, Aquaterra, and Plainitia.

Shallow Sea, TheLake Erie. Named for the shallow depth of the sea itself, at only 210 feet. The guiding spirit of the sea itself is yet unknown, though it maybe that a being known as the Onaire presides quietly over the shallow waters of the sea. Shared by the Realms of Saint Lawrence, Aquaterra, Snake Mound, Adamantia Bay Ring, and Cascade.

Shire – A town or village. Must have a population of less than 10,000. (From the Old English sc ́ir, Proto-Germanic skizo, Old High German sc ́ira: denoting an ‘official charge’, ‘a district under a governor”, or a ‘care’)

Sil Magra – Third of the three Founding Realms of the Domain: comprised of the American States of Kentucky and Tennessee. Named by its First Ruler, Lord Sir Wyrd Kaos ap Nine Death Storms. The origin of the name and its meaning are unknown: to him and anyone else. The current Royal Court – and only since its Founding – is Caer Memphis.

Snake Mound – The Sixth Realm of the Domain: comprised solely of the American State of Ohio. Named for the Great Serpent Mound in the South of the state.

Snowdonia – The First of the three Founding Realms of the Domain: comprised solely of the Upper Peninsula of the American State of Michigan. The smallest Realm in the Domain and the birthplace of the nation. Named for the average length of the Realm’s winters (6-7 months). Its similarities in name with Snowdonia National Park - in the country of Wales, United Kingdom - were only discovered after the fact.

Stronghold – A metropolitan area composed of one or more caers and can include any number of shires. Example: The Stronghold of the West is comprised of Caer Archangel (Los Angeles), Caer Riverside, (Riverside, CA), Caer Bernandino (San Bernandino, CA) and their respective suburbs.

Tir na nO ́g Mountains, Tir na nO ́g RangeThe Appalachian Mountain Range. Named for the evidence found and assertion held that the Eastern Seaboard of the North American continent was the mortal anchor for the Fae Summerlands.

Troubles, The – A series of upheavals in the history of the Domain. The first being the Troubles of 2004-05: centered around the marital conflict and separation between Lord Shadow and then-High Queen Snowaidene, the second being the Troubles of 2010-11: centered around internal conflict caused by members and friends of former Noble House Wolven Draoi, causing not only imbalance in the Domain, but the derailment of diplomacy with other groups that was leading to important alliances. Both resulted in pivotal changes in the Domain’s course and growth: the latter leading into the seven-year period known as the Watchful Peace.

Twilight Squires - Citizens who are being trained to become Nobles and Knights in the Domain. Named for the times of day between day and night: signifying the citizen's place between a regular citizen and becoming a Knight or Noble. Trainees bear the title of Squire for those training to be Knights, Electors for those training to be Nobles, and Squire-Elector for those training toc be both. Twilight Squires are educated in Domani Law, national history, the structure and function of the familial Houses, and that of the Knightly Orders. During their training, thy are squired under a Knight or Noble within their home Realm to also learn from them and build on their education. Training culminates with sitting in on a session of the Parliament of Dreams, and then being Knighted and Raised into service by the ur-Lord. Twilight Squires are often adults, though a section of the program is being developed for children age 13 to 18: as a contemporary to the Boy Scouts of America, the Girl Scouts of America, and the Pagan/secular Spiral Scouts International.

Watchful Peace, the – The seven-year period of time precipitated by and following the Troubles of 2010-11, in which the Domain partially “withdrew within its borders” and went through a process of compartmentalization: seeming to go defunct, when in fact it went into a mode of silent running. As Wolven Draoi and their unseen associates caused upheaval, imbalance, and an destructive & underlying imbalance of the nation and its potential allies, Lord Shadow chose to make sure that the proverbial house was clean. The Peace ended in the Winter/Spring of 2018, with contact and subsequent relations established between the Domain and the Missionary Order of the Celtic Cross: culminating in a Hand of Friendship diplomatic recognition between the two entities, and the Domain stepping back into public sight and knowledge.

Western Divisia – The Twenty-First Realm of the Domain: comprised of the American States of Idaho and Utah. Known as the Beautiful Desolation. Named for where it sits on the Western slopes of the Great Divide.