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The Domain and Realms National Site

"There's magick in believing..."


Name of Protectorate: Oracleum

Full official name(s): The Freehold of Oracleum

Area of location(current): Higland Woods County Park, Mequon, Wisconsin

Date of Foundation: Ancient Times

Capital: The park itself

Residence: The park itself

Form of government: Monarchy

Highest law: The  Arad Doman, the Accords

Date of Entry into the Commonwealth: February 27, 2022

Population(current): Unknown

Demonym: None

Ruler(s)/Head(s) of State: Straightbeam and the Lady, Prince and Princess of the Forest

Official calendar: Unknown

Common holidays and seasons: Unknown

National holidays: Unknown

Origin of name: Obscure rumor and legend that an Oracle of the Element of Earth to the primordial deity, Gaia, lies hidden somewhere within the heart of the park itself.

National religion(s): Unknown

Official Language(s): Forest, Wind

System of measurement: Unknown

Flag: The Arms of Straightbeam - A background image of Prince Straightbeam, with an image of a map outlining the three areas of Highland Park. A wand is threaded through the map: signifying the freehold's readiness to come to the defense. A trillium flower - commonly found throughout some areas of the freehold, is superimposed over the center of the flag, its petals signifying the Sacred Three.

National anthem: None