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The Domain and Realms National Site

"There's magick in believing..."

Welcome to the

Realm of Pacifica

       The fifth Realm of the Domain, Pacifica is one of the three largest Realms in the Domain. Within its bounds, the Realm holds beauty and power within both land and and the great Ocean that gives it its name, as well as the great ruling trees of the Ring of Fire.

       Comprised of the American states of California and Hawaii, and the nations & territories of Eastern Oceania, Pacifica is dominated by the Pacific Ocean: which makes up most of it's total area

       Pacifica has had three Rulers in its history, but has not been ruled since 2009. Until it gains a new Ruler, and despite the sprawl of civilization, Nature holds guardianship and sway over the Realm.

Full Name: The Realm of Pacifica

Pronunciation: Pah-siff-ih-kah

Entymology: Named for the Pacific Ocean.

Date Founded: January 3, 2002

Demonym: Pacifican

Population(current): 0

Ruler(s): None at current time

House(s): None at current time

Flag: The Mists of ParadiseOn the left, a picture of Berry Creek Falls: located a half a mile behind the Mountain Home(residence of Pacifica's First Rulers, Mistress Katherine and Lord Ritchie), situated in the backcountry of Big Basin Redwoods State Park, in the Santa Cruz mountains of California. On the right the image of a bear's head superimposed on a background of redwood trees, with the sunlight shining between the trunks. The flag represents the natural overall beauty of Pacifica as a whole.

Anthem: "The Mummers' Dance", by Loreena McKennit

Provinces:  Perdition (California), Westernesse(Hawaii, French Polynesia, Pitcairn Islands, Kiribati, Samoa, American Samoa, Kingman Reef, Palmyra Atoll, Howland and Baker Islands, Johnson Atoll, Midway Islands, Cook Islands, Jarvis Island, Tokelau)

Royal District: None at current time.

Royal Court: None at current time.

Royal Home: None at current time

Pacifican Provinces

Name of province: Perdition

Location: California

Population(current): 0

Origin of name: Another name for Christianity's Hell in classic and medieval times; reflects the First Ruler's political and socio-economical view of the area

Ruler(s): None at current  time

Duchies(to date): None at current time

Name of province: Westernesse

Location: Hawai'i, Midway Islands, Samoa, American Samoa, Kiribati, French Polynesia, Pitcairn Islands, Niue, Cook Islands, Palmyra Atoll, Kingman Reef, Johnson Atoll, Jarvis Island, Tokelau, Howland and Baker Islands

Population(current): 0

Origin of name: One of the names of the island nation of Numenor, from "The Silmarillion" by J.R.R. Tolkien

Ruler(s): None at current  time

Duchies(to date): None at current time

Places of Interest, Power, and Enchantment


       The tallest tree in the world: taller even than the Statue of Liberty and Great Britain's Big Ben clock tower, Hyperion is amongst the youngest of the coast redwoods. At just 800 years, and standing on his own hill at over 379 feet, Hyperion is considered by many to be the king of kings of all trees (though others would holdthat title if you went by either size or age).

       He stands hidden somewhere with the rest of his court in the Redwoods National Forest, in the Emerald Triangle of Northern California: adjacent to the Cape Mendocino Triple Junction, where the Cascadian Subduction Zone, the Mendocino Fault, and the San Andreas Fault converge. Along with that interesting fact is the fact that the region he grows in is considered the most ideal place for certain types of agriculture: specifically the marijuana plant.

       Such a place of power points to the seat of a king. If so, then Hyperion is that king.

       (Wikipedia link)

Mauna Kea

       One of the five volcanoes that make up the Big Island of Hawai'i, Mauna Kea is the tallest mountain on the island, in the region, and - from her base at the bottom of the ocean - in the world: surpassing even the height of Mount Everest herself. Atop of this, Mauna Kea - at over a million years old - is the most sacred of the five sacred volcanoes: held holy amongst native Hawai'ians, and other spiritual-minded people around the world.

       Seen as the Hawai'ian version of the Greek Mount Olympus, the mountain lies at the heart of traditional Hawai'ian life, and in the schism in Hawai'ian society. Seen as the best place for astronomers to study the stars, four high powered observatories - with a fifth in the works - have been constructed on her summit: considered a desecration to the holy place where only high-ranking ali'i and holy folk were allowed in ancient times. It continues to be a heated debate to this day.

        Perhaps the Mauna herself will settle it on her own.

       (from Wikipedia)

Wi’áaşal , The Great Oak

        Known and protected by the Pechanga people, the Great Oak is recognized as the largest naturally grown indigenous coast live oak (Quercus agrifolia) in the Western United States. His trunk is over 20 feet in circumference, and the above-ground portion of the tree is nearly 100 feet tall. Wi’áaşal’s largest branches reach the ground, supporting the tree’s weight and creating a sheltering canopy for countless generations of people and animals. The Great Oak is over 1,000 years old, making him one of the oldest living oak trees in the Western United States.

       The Great Oak is located in an area once known as Great Oak Ranch. It was located just outside the borders of the reservation land granted to the Pechanga people in 1882. In 2001, the Pechanga Tribe purchased the Great Oak Ranch, Wi’áaşal, and the 1000 acres surrounding it. In April 2003, the Pechanga Band of Luiseño Indians had the Great Oak Ranch property put into federal trust by President Bush. This property is now part of the Pechanga Reservation.

       To the Pechanga people, the land and the Great Oak that stands upon it carry meaning that transcends physical presence. The Great Oak has come to embody the identity and character of the Pechanga Band: strength, wisdom, longevity and determination.

       (from the website)


is ruled under an



An aerial view of downtown

Caer Tamien,

Former Royal Court of the Realm of



Caers, Shires, and Strongholds


Caer Angelus - Los Angeles, California USA

Caer Taurëgard - San Bernandino, California USA

Caer RoseWater - Riverside, California USA

Caer GoldenGate - San Francisco, California

Caer North Bay - San Rafael, California USA

Caer Tamien - San Jose, California USA

Caer East Bay - Oakland, California USA

Caer Universal Life - Modesto, California USA

Caer Twilight - Fresno, California USA

Caer Rose Valley - San Diego, California USA

Caer Shimiyi (fog and mists) - Simi Valley, California USA

Caer Honolulu - Honolulu, Hawaii USA

Caer Hilo - Hilo, HawaSA


Stronghold of the West - Caer Angelus, Caer RoseWater, Caer Tauregard, Caer Shimiyi

Stronghold of the Golden Gate - Caer Golden Gate, Caer North Bay, Caer Tamien, Caer East Bay

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